a.  Description

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) sets out an agreement between the BSS Office and all BSS Examiners in conjunction with those BSS Examiner Bodies listed above.

This SLA represents a commitment between the aforementioned parties and the contents are subject to annual review through the BSS Advisory Committee.

This SLA is an informal agreement and nothing in the document shall be construed as creating any contractual obligations between the parties referred to herein.


b.  SLA aims

This SLA supports jointly agreed aims and specifically covers the levels of service examiners can expect from the BSS Office and the standards and behaviours' which examiners individually will be encouraged to adopt.

The agreed aim of compliant boats will be met through the success in achieving the common objectives.  The SLA seeks to record the mutually beneficial relationship between the BSS Office and BSS Examiners that will help ensure the common objectives are met through a unity of purpose and direction and by working jointly to achieve them.

It recognises the importance of examiners in ensuring compliant boats and so helping create a safe environment to help keep people on or near the waterways safe.

The common objectives will be achieved through a culture of 'mutual respect', whereby encouragement and support from the BSS Office is mirrored by BSS Examiners reviewing their activities continuously, and making any improvements to their performance where inconsistency appears.

c. Common


The common objectives are:

(i)  the consistent application of BSS requirements

The overriding objectives of this SLA are the consistent application of BSS requirements by examiners and an effective level of support from the BSS Office to help achieve this.

 The BSS Examination and the subsequent certification of the boat are the 'products' of the examining process.

The consistent application of BSS requirements by examiners provides the necessary assurance to the Navigation Authorities that certified boats have been verified as meeting their minimum safety requirements.

(ii)  risk awareness for examiners

Examiners who are better aware of the reasons behind the checks and the main risks affecting boaters will be better informed and so better able to support of the aim for compliant boats.

(iii)  enhancement of confidence in the BSS

Working together to ensure consistent examinations and good customer service will lead to an enhancement of the reputation and level of public confidence in BSS Examiners and the values of the BSS.

(iv)  continuous review

There is always room for improvement or to introduce further efficiencies.  This objective filters through each of the core elements of the SLA outlined below.

(v)  a realistic pricing structure

The BSS Office is subject to occasional reviews to assure the Navigation Authorities that its tasks could not be done for less by some other body and that the cost of BSS examinations should present excellent value for money for boaters.

(vi)  positive dialogue between BSS Examiners and the BSS Office

Positive dialogue in support of the common objectives will help inform and motivate BSS Examiners and BSS Office staff to achieve them.


d.  Core elements

All of the core elements listed in section 2 are relevant to the successful achievement of the common objectives.  This SLA covers the following core elements:

  • documentation
  • quality assurance
  • customer service
  • two-way communication (including via the BSS Examiner web-support facility)
  • examiner administration facility (including BSS Examiner Registration and Material Ordering
  • SLA review

e. Performance criteria

Performance against the common objectives and the measures of success associated with each of the core elements will be monitored and measured by all parties through the BSS Advisory Committee and will be reported upon by that committee to the BSS Management Committee at least annually.

Agreed "Measures of Success" relevant to the core elements are attributed to:

  • BSS Office
  • BSS Examiners
  • BSS Examiner Bodies

f. SLA change process

The BSS Office and the BSS Examiner Bodies agree to make any change recommendations regarding this SLA through the BSS Advisory Committee.

Individual examiners may make recommendations for change through their Examiner Body or directly to the BSS Advisory Committee.

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