The Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The BSS Office promotes to all examiners the BSS Examiner Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The SLA (see the sub-section links box above) is the product of close co-operation between the Office and the Examiner Bodies, especially ABSE. Together we believe it is the foundation of an effective working relationship between the BSS Office and all BSS Examiners, which is both positive and mutually beneficial.

It sets out the levels of service examiners can expect from the BSS Office and the standards and behaviours which examiners individually will be encouraged to adopt. The overriding goal is the consistent application of BSS checking requirements and examination practices.

If you have questions about the SLA, such as 'what is the purpose' and 'what are the benefits', please take a look at the Q&A document.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of the SLA and its part in seeing the highest levels of consistency and accuracy in BSS examinations. The Scheme's reputation and that of every examiner depends upon it.

This BSS examiner website, with its structure, feel and much of the content, supports the goals of the SLA.

Most importantly, it is a tool to help support you in your role and to allow you to assess your own performance, so your input could be the key to its success.

If you spot any improvements or gaps you can email your suggestions to the BSS Office or you can ask your professional body to submit your improvements on your behalf.

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