11.0       Fees and charges payable to the BSS

11.1 Examiners must pay the fees and charges for registration, BSSCs and any other BSS fees and charges, within thirty (30) days of invitation or demand.

11.2 Examiners must not conduct BSS Examinations or issue BSSCs unless all overdue fees and charges outstanding to the BSS have been paid in full.

12.0       Co-operating with BSS investigations into alleged breaches

12.1 In the event of any allegation of a breach of these Conditions being made against an Examiner, such allegations will be handled in accordance with BSSQA006, "Procedure for the Investigation of Alleged Breaches of the BSS Examiner Conditions of Registration"

12.2 Examiners must co-operate as fully as the circumstances will allow with any BSS investigation including the full and prompt provision of information and responses.

13.0       Changes to these Conditions

13.1 These Conditions are subject to periodic review and confirmation by the BSS Management Committee. The need and timing of any review and confirmation will be determined by the BSS Management Committee.

13.2 All Examiners will be provided with the opportunity to comment on any proposed changes to these Conditions.

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