Pictures can be worth a 1000 words

The hope is that you by sending us photographs, may be able to help us describe risks and hazards, poor practice and faults as well as illustrate good practice and novel solutions.

However, before any examiner starts to take photographs, please note some basic ground rules.

Please follow these ground rules

When undertaking BSS work and in your role as a BSS Examiner you must be very careful about taking photographs.

Although it is generally accepted that taking pictures of boats from a public space such as a towpath is OK, we would prefer you, when working as an examiner, to seek permission from the boat owner for taking any photographs of exterior features of their boat wherever practicable and reasonable.

Absolutely no photographs should be taken within the boat without prior permission. Please explain what you may be taking photos of and that you may be using them for your own records and for sending on to the BSS Office where relevant.

Images may be used as a record of your findings and we may use them for training purposes, illustrating talks and articles or may be used on the BSS website.

Keep all your subject matter tightly framed, don't include neighbouring boats in any pictures and be extremely careful with interior shots.

You should never have any people in your shots and most especially children.

You should also take care not to include secondary images of people in the same frame as the subject you are trying to take.

Any framed or display photos should be moved out of shot temporarily.

The same rule applies to general property and particularly any that might have some value e.g. jewellery, electrical and computer equipment, decorative items, antiques, etc.

Photographs should be sharply focussed and well lit. Daylight is always the best lighting, but it may not always be possible, in which case ensure your camera or phone has a flash.

If you wish to send us some photos of a burning issue, you can use the form below.

Photos supplied will be done so under creative commons. While you may give the BSS permission to use the images publicly without charge, you retain the copyright.

Preferably and where relevant to an examination, we would like each photo file name to start with the Check List Item number, the examination number and the boat name e.g. 3.2.1_Ex0002345_kingfisher­#1 which would be photo number one of several pictures showing battery faults on a boat called kingfisher taken during examination number 0002345

Photo Submissions

Photo Submissions

Photo Submissions

Can these photos be used for training, public meetings, articles, leaflets and website publication
If you wish to add some documentation.