Technical news, ECP changes, FAQs and New Product information

Technical news, ECP changes, FAQs and New Product information

This includes the ECP changes, Questions & Answers and New Product Information sheets.

In this section you will also find the archived technical news

Also available in this section... The list of appliances and their ventilation requirements developed by ABSE

Technical queries

If you have a technical query not covered by the above links, please consider whether your query already has an answer in the Tech Clinic in The Kiosk section of the website. If the answer is not there, use the query form to send in details. If you can't put all the detail into words and photos, documents or drawings don't explain it either, please send in the basic information and ask Phil or Dave to call you back.

For urgent advice you can always call a BSS team member as appropriate:

> admin queries, delivery problems, invoice questions - main office number 0333 202 1000. If you get our automated answer please leave a voicemail message and give your name and contact number and a brief description of the subject matter and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible and generally within a couple of hours.
> Phil for technical queries on 07917 185539;
> Dave for technical enquiries and boat incident information on 07766 774727;
> Rob for marketing, website, BSS database and boat incident information on 07710 175478;

For all other types of urgent matters please call Graham's mobile, on 07711 796417.