Hire Boat Requirements 2017

This page is only relevant for examiners who have undertaken the Hire Boat Requirements 2017 Training Course and passed the post-learing assessment.

The downloadable documents are as follows:

document or 90x90

HBR2017 Pt10 ECPs Interim 0.2 May 2017 in .pdf (Adobe) format

document or 90x90 HBR2017 Appendicies N (Slip resistant surfaces) & O (downflooding)
document or 90x90

HBR2017 Examination Record Form Pt 2-10 incl Appliances, Vents & PFE

BSS Examination Hire Boat Record Form. Please note, since printing to pads, the check question at 10.7.3 to be satisfied regarding downflooding has been shortened to:

Are all through-hull openings above the normal laden waterline either watertight, or is the risk of water flooding into the interior of the vessel at the associated downflooding point minimised?” This does not make any difference to the check criteria, the checking action or the applicabilities. Undertake the check as trained.

As already demonstrated, the ECPs and Appendices are subject to minor changes over the next three months and this is the reason why we are distributing plain paper interim versions. We anticipate that examiners will suggest some minor improvements once the documentation is tested in the field. Improvement suggestions can be put to the BSS committees for review and ratification before the final documents are printed, laminated  and distributed.

When recording a ‘No’ result examination report on a hire boat, all the core checks keep their original reference name e.g. 2.1.1R or 7.12.2R. However all the checks that would otherwise be advice checks; all the transitioned checks from 2002 Part 10 and all the completely new Hire Boat Checks in the 2017 Part 10 now start with an X and all end in R (no advice status on hire boat checks). So think X = eXtra or the Roman numeral for 10 if it helps jog your memory.

That means the 6.3.1A hire boat equivalent is X6.3.1R; ventilation faults are recorded at X8.9.1R, ‘means of reversing’ is X10.3.1R and the smoke alarm condition check is X10.8.2R

Note: other classes of non-private boats such as tenanted boats, hotel boats and workboats will continue to be assessed using the 2002 BSS Standards and that the hire boat requirements training will not qualify examiners to examine these classes. Only those examiners who have undertaken training and assessment to the 2002 requirements will be qualified to examine these classes of boat.