Non-private boats

The checks and information about the non-private boat standards are covered on the buttons on the left.
  • BSS will be updating hire boat requirements in 2017

    Following the public consultation in Autumn 2015 on proposed changes to the Boat Safety Scheme for holiday and day hire boats, the BSS has published the agreed outcomes, and actions.

    Most of the proposed changes had maintained stakeholder support through the consultation and so they will be implemented as set out in the consultation, with the main exception that in taking account of the weight and extent of the comments received, it has been decided to implement the revised BSS hire boat requirements from April 2017, twelve months later than proposed in the consultation.


If your boat is not privately owned and managed, such as a hire boat, small passenger vessel, clubs and societies activity craft, café boat, etc, etc. your examiner is likely to need to be authorised specifically to undertake the examination for that type of craft.

There is a tick box on the Find An Examiner page, tick this and the examiners that are listed are authorised to carry out examinations to the 2002 Boat Safety Scheme Standards for non-private craft.

You should also note the information on the affect of gas safety legislation on such boats - LINK

Apart from the training in the different checks for non-private craft, all examiners undergo the same training and skills updates.