Hire boats, passenger vessels, commercial and business boats

Hire boats*, (this may include timeshare/shared-ownership boats where there is letting involved in some of the timeslots) and floating businesses* (such as cafés or shops) fall within scope of the Gas Safety [Installation and Use] Regulations (GSIUR).

This means that if the examiner is not Gas Safe registered, he or she can only carry out a full BSS Examination if:

  • a bubble tester is fitted and correctly located; or,
  • the examiner observes a Gas Safe registered technician carrying out the tightness-test with a manometer.

*Note on the BSS Examination for non-private boats - If a vessel is a hire boat, third-party managed share-owned boat, trip boat, rented residential boat, floating business or some other form of commercial or public vessel, the boat will be examined to the 2002 BSS Standards.