flue components, room-sealed appliances

The provisions of this section of Part 8 in the 2002 BSS Standards are mandatory for non-private boats where applicable.

Defective or inappropriate flue ductwork serving room-sealed appliances could cause a build-up of noxious gases, e.g. carbon monoxide. To minimise this risk flue components, including ductwork and terminals on room sealed appliances, must be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Some flues are fabricated from corrugated and relatively thin material which is susceptible to damage if it isn't properly installed.

To minimise the risk of flue gases re-entering a boat, flue terminals and air inlets should not be positioned within 500mm (20ins) of ventilators, opening ports, hatches, or windows. There is also a risk that flammable vapours could be drawn down into an appliance and for this reason the same separation of flue terminals/air inlets from re-fuelling fittings or fuel tank vent outlets is recommended.

Flue terminals should also be outside areas that could be enclosed by your boat's canopies. This will help ensure that combustion gases are safely released from the boat.

Making sure that terminals are sufficiently robust to prevent accidental damage to them and located where the risk of accidental damage is low will also help prevent combustion gases building up inside your boat. [8.8]