catalytic heaters

The provisions of this section of Part 8 in the 2002 BSS Standards are mandatory for non-private boats where applicable.

Catalytic heaters must conform to BS 5258-11 or BS EN 449. This will ensure that the heater is provided with suitable safety devices to prevent unburned gas from being released into the cabin. [8.2]

A water heater is classed as a single point appliance when the hot water outlet is connected to only one hot tap (and not a shower outlet). An identical water heater is classed as a multi-point appliance if it is connected to a number of hot taps, some of which can be showers. So, a single-point water heater serving only a sink top does not need to be flued to the outside (although it is always a very good idea to do this). On the other hand, a multi-point heater or a heater supplying a shower must always be flued to the outside, to ensure that noxious gases can be safely expelled outside the boat. [8.2]