Boat Safety Scheme Advisory Committee (BSSAC) seeks a new Chair

The Boat Safety Scheme Advisory Committee (BSSAC) is seeking a constructive, dynamic, and well-organized individual as its new Chair. We are seeking boat users or members of the marine trade, who likely have some experience of working in committee processes who are interested in helping to keep people and property safe.

NR23-002 Boat Safety Scheme Advisory Committee seeks a new Chair 1 Nov23

The BSSAC has a critical role to provide advice to the BSS Management Committee on all aspects of the operation of the Scheme, monitoring its intended progress and guiding its future. Its Chair must support and uphold the principles of the BSS, albeit they are independent of the BSS Office and the Scheme’s owners.

The role, which is voluntary, is there to ensure that each of the represented interests has the opportunity to input into meetings, appeals panels, working groups etc both online and in-person. They are there to make sure that the BSSAC gives the BSS well-considered and valuable advice.

The person is likely to be an experienced ‘process manager’ with demonstrable knowledge and skills to help drive issues through Committees in a timely way.

They will also have experience of the inland waterways and boats; and some knowledge of working safely and risk assessment processes They also need to be confident, patient and have strong diplomacy skills.

Tho Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is a public safety initiative owned equally by the Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency. Its purpose is to help minimise the risk of boat fires, explosions, or pollution harming visitors to the inland waterways, the waterways' workforce, and any other users and to help protect adjacent property.

To express your interest in the role, please read the role profile on the BSS website and follow the instructions on this link The deadline for putting your name forward is 17:00 Wednesday 6 December 2023

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Notes for editors

The BSS is a public safety project owned jointly by the Canal & River Trust, registered as a charity with the charity number 1146792, and the Environment Agency.  At least 14 other navigation and harbour authorities have also adopted it. The navigation authorities’ purposes for the Scheme are to help reduce the risks of fire, explosion and pollution on small craft. This is done by promoting fire safety and pollution avoidance advice to help boat owners keep themselves and their crews’ safe as well as regular examination of fuel systems, gas systems, electrical systems and appliances. The BSS is responsible for the administration and supervision of the BSS Examination process.

BSS certification has a life span of four years. Navigation authorities using the Scheme usually require BSS certification at the time of licensing, registration, toll renewal or similar. The certification is achieved when a boat is found to be compliant with all the BSS requirements relevant for that boat. These can be freely downloaded or read on . The compliance check is carried out by authorized and independent practitioners known as BSS Examiners.