BSS Strategy 2014-18

The BSS Strategy compliments the Navigation Authority Agreement and takes account of any changed or predicted-changed external/internal environments and the current BSS performance levels.

The strategy identifies the integrated set of choices that will position the BSS to fully support the navigation authorities into the future.

The headline aspiration is for continuous improvement, with the BSS continuing to provide the service to the navigation authorities it does now, only more effectively and more efficiently.

During the next four year period the BSS intend to deliver the following:

  • Management of boat-related risks – the BSS reporting and navigation authority decision-making process will be improved by access to more boat-related data, better risk review and assessment processes and smarter and more effective risk controls and recommendations.
  • Ensuring consistent BSS examinations - within the framework of an agreed ‘BSS Examiner Development Strategy’ the selection, training, training course assessment, field assessment, onward monitoring and in-service training will be fully integrated and improvements monitored.
  • Delivering and measuring – the increased deployment of web-based tools to help deliver, monitor and measure the above improvements will be marked.

Success in achieving the improvements will depend upon the continued positive involvement of those people involved in the operation, delivery and formulating the direction of the Scheme. There will be noticeable changes for all involved, for example with training for committee members on risk review and assessment processes, with a committee member website supporting project delivery and BSS performance-monitoring  and with examiners performance being monitored and improved using Salesforce and other web-based tools.

View the BSS Strategy document here  Mouse_90x90