Part 9 - Pollution reduction

Introduction to the subject matter covered by the checks in Part 9

Our waterway environments are important to all boaters, visitors and the wider community.

Good water quality is vital to the safety and enjoyment of people, animals and wildlife, in and around rivers, lakes and canals.

Pollution can harm a waterway's environment, cause health problems for people affected and, whilst pollution incidents are being controlled, restrict or stop people from navigating in the vicinity.

Most navigation authorities have duties to safeguard the environment.

These requirements address the potential for boats and their use to cause water pollution.

The BSS requirements associated with pollution reduction:

  • 30 Any leakage of oil from engine equipment must be contained and prevented from being avoidably discharged overboard.
  • 31 Bilge pumping and toilet systems must be designed, installed and maintained in a way that minimises the risk of avoidable pollution.

The proposals

The revised version of the ECPs can be read from a pdf format file by clicking the link on the image on the right below.

The orginal version of the Checking procedures can be read by clicking on the link on the left-hand image. This will launch the chapter of the BSS Guide that also contains all the relevant guidance and descriptions which may offer a more whole perspective.

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