Part 6 - Fire extinguishing and escape

Introduction to the subject matter covered by the checks in Part 6

This part covers the requirements to ensure that boats have suitable fire-fighting equipment in order to provide an immediate response to a small fire. This will minimise the risk of a fire on a boat escalating out of control, and can help crew and passengers to escape safely.

It is expected that portable fire extinguishers are properly certified, that there are a sufficient number of an appropriate type and that they are in good condition.

There is a section on fire blankets in this part. A fire blanket may provide a better method of extinguishing a cooking pan fire. It can also be used as a means of protection to aid escape.

To help ensure that anyone onboard may escape more easily from a fire, we strongly recommend that whenever possible, a boat should have two means of escape from accommodation areas. This will be checked at examination and advice provided as appropriate.

Knowing about the location of extinguishers; knowing how to use them and the fire blanket; and ensuring that the crew know where the escape points are key parts of a fire action plan. The requirements and checks within Part 6 should be read with this advice in mind

The BSS requirements associated with fire fighting and escape are:

  • 16 All vessels must carry specified fire fighting equipment.
  • 17 All fire fighting equipment must be maintained in good condition and kept readily accessible for safe use in an emergency.

The proposals

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