Part 3 - Electrical Installations

Introduction to the subject matter covered by the checks in Part 3

Faulty, or poorly installed electrical systems are a hazard and are a risk on a boat. This chapter covers the need to minimise the risks from short circuits and overheating cables, both of which are a common cause of boat fires.

It also addresses the potential risks linked to hydrogen, a highly flammable gas that is a by-product of charging batteries, which is easily ignited by low energy sparks.

Risks should be reduced by making sure that batteries are stowed in a ventilated area and that batteries and cables cannot move. Fuses and circuit-breakers need to be correctly installed and rated for the circuits they protect. Any wear and tear, such as damage to insulation, broken strands in cables and poor condition connections can  increase the risk of fire

Best industry practices and competent installation also reduces the risk of personal injury caused by electric shocks.

The BSS requirements associated with electrical installations and systems:

  • 8 All electrical systems must be designed, installed and maintained in a way that minimises the risks of explosion or of fire starting and spreading.
  • 9 All electrical systems must be capable of being safely and quickly disconnected from their power source(s) in an emergency.
  • 10 Control and emergency devices, or their means of operation, must be marked when not in clear view or when their function
  • is not clear.
  • 11 All battery compartments containing unsealed or open-vented batteries must be adequately ventilated to prevent a build-up of a flammable mix of gases.

The proposals

The revised version of the ECPs can be read from a pdf format file by clicking the link on the image on the right below.

The orginal version of the Checking procedures can be read by clicking on the link on the left-hand image. This will launch the chapter of the BSS Guide that also contains all the relevant guidance and descriptions which may offer a more whole perspective.

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