Customer Charter

What you can expect if you contact us
  • BSS Office staff that are polite, friendly and courteous and who identify themselves on the phone, in letters and emails.
  • Customer service standards that are owned and achieved by all staff:
    • we aim to answer telephone calls during office hours within 10 seconds.  In the event the person you need to speak to is unavailable we will explain when the person is available or you will be put through to an alternative member of the team.  In the event no member of the team is available we will call you back within a working day;
    • we will send an acknowledgement or a full or partial response to all written correspondence, and any requests for information within 5 working days of receipt;
    • we will send an acknowledgement or full or partial response to your email within 5 working days.
  • BSS Office staff that are knowledgeable and can provide a clear and consistent explanation of the BSS requirements and provide possible options associated with your enquiry or request.
  • In the event your enquiry or request can't be answered within 5 working days, you will be informed and the aim will be to provide a timely and complete response as soon as is reasonable in the circumstances.  You will, if necessary, be updated as to progress and will receive a clear explanation as to how we determined the answer to your query.
  • You will also be given clear guidance on how you can take further any concerns you may have that we have not been able to satisfy.
  • If you are happy with our service, please tell us.  It helps us to identify good practice and encourages our staff.

If you are not happy with our service, please let us know. If you contact us with a complaint about the level of service provided by the BSS Office we will send an acknowledgement within five working days of receipt, visit our Making a complaint page.